Hi, my name is Eva de Coro. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and owner of Sycamore Therapeutic Massage.

I was born and raised in Madrid, Spain. I am bilingual in English and Spanish.

Moving to the USA in 2003 was a life changing event and extremely stressful. I suffered a lot of health challenges including anxiety, infertility, and then following the birth of my son, postpartum depression. I sought out massage therapy and bodywork for healing. Getting profound benefits, I was quickly drawn to this health profession and the idea of helping women in similar situations.

I graduated from massage therapy program at Kishwaukee College in 2017. I am now certified in Prenatal Massage, and trained in Craniosacral Therapy.

I’m on a mission to empower women to put themselves first (for once!), and to help them in their journey to heal. Whether you are suffering from migraines, chronic pain, recovering from injuries, or cope with anxiety, stress or depression, I’m here to listen to your concerns, to treat you with compassion, and offer genuine care. I stand behind my work.

In my free time, I love to spend time outdoors with my family, especially if the sun is out. I enjoy reading mind/body and anatomy books and enjoy the beauty of life. As part of my self care routine, I exercise, meditate, eat a healthy diet and receive massage regularly.

I am so grateful to be part of this ancient healing art profession, and passionate about empowering women to live their life without pain, and improve the quality of their life.

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