5-Day Mind/Body Reset

APRIL 22-APRIL 26 This transformative experience is crafted to help you reconnect with yourself, find inner peace, and embrace the nourishment of vibrant, simple foods. No dieting, no counting calories—just a natural path to achieving your wellness goals and feeling amazing! Gain more energy, feel lighter, and unlock powerful insights through journaling, empowering you to take control of your health. … Read More

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Free 5 Day Burnout Recovery Challenge

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Mental Clarity, Energy & Weight Loss: A 16-Week Transformation for Women

At Sycamore Therapeutic Massage our success is built upon a foundation of expertise, a unique methodology, and unwavering personalized support. With a lifelong immersion in wellness and over seven years of professional engagement, I not only have a deep understanding of the challenges you face but have also navigated similar challenges myself. The methodology used, backed by the latest research, … Read More

VIP Program

Life can be overwhelming, especially for the everyday heroes among us – nurses, teachers, working moms, and anyone battling pain, exhaustion, stress, anxiety, and depression. I understand the challenges you face in your daily life, and that’s why I’ve created the VIP Massage Membership, meticulously designed to provide exclusive care and support tailored to your unique needs where you can … Read More

Timeless Wounds: Understanding the Lingering Effects of an injury 20 Years Later and How Massage Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy Can Aid in Trauma Recovery

“Our Tissues hold Memories“ Time may heal wounds, but some scars remain etched in our minds and bodies long after the events that caused them. The effects of trauma often manifest in our bodies and minds, causing tension, pain, and emotional distress. Trauma, whether experienced two decades ago or recently, can cast a shadow over our lives. While various therapeutic … Read More

H.E.R Coaching Program

The exclusive H.E.R (Health, Empowerment, Renewal) Membership Coaching Program is designed especially for middle-aged women who: Membership Benefits Terms & Conditions: Visit my website to learn more about how I work and discover real-life success stories through testimonials from clients who have achieved their health and wellness goals. FAQ’S Is this program suitable for beginners, or do I need prior … Read More

Weight-loss Surgery Vs. Hiring a Health Coach

The last couple of months has felt like another pandemic. Several women reached out looking for lymphatic drainage massage after bariatric surgery, aka weight-loss surgery. I was shocked when one of them said that a doctor prescribed her a medicine called Phentramine- a weight loss pill. This is a pill that contains SUGAR & CAFFEINE. Are you kidding me?  Answering … Read More

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